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I ordered a whole set of interior LEDs and like them. In the event you wanted to improve your rig, here is a how to. Bear with me…this kind of is my first how to heh. Note: Look at the polarity of the LED and mark them which way they work. If they do not light turn them over / rotate.
The Applications:

1 Pocket screw driver (flat end was useful)
1 Philips screw driver med. Length.
1 Miniature 45 degree needle nose pliers
1 Knife (not pictured)
1 Sharpie (not pictured)

I started with the door lights. It was simple I put the pocket screw drivers towards the backside of the housing (closest to outside edge) and simply just pried till they popped out. Pulled out the connector, and also the old 194 bulb, set up the LED replacement noting the polarity. Tested if the LED lights up, it did so I was done. Observed the 194 led base is a little bit larger than the typical bulb. So I utilized my knife and cut out a smaller amount to make the diameter larger.

And then I made the decision to do the roof lights. Once more utilizing the pocket screw driver I taken away the housing lenses. Behind the white center lens there is a bulb and two Philips screws which hold the light up to the roof and also act as a ground. Don't remove the light yet! Consider the LEDs and determine which way they ought to go to light up. Make the direction with the sharpie. And then I removed the screws and brought the light down. I taken out the bulbs. I found it easier to modify the independent map lights along with the light off the roof than when it was fitted. To change the map lights just hook one end then pull to the other and the tabs will produce resistance and continue the LEDs in place. Change left and right map light, mount the light back on the roof and set up the center LED. Check operation. Reinstall plastic housing note that the housings have notches on them. Line them up with the appropriate side. Repeat for the rear and center dome light.
Next I went onto the front map lights. I do NOT have rear A/c, I have/had a roof console. Once again employing the pocket screw driver I removed the empty slot for the console. There's a screw holding it to the roof. There is certainly also a screw simply just facing the rear view mirror. Remove both Philips screws and bring the map light holder down. Unplug the lights. Split the map lights from the console. 3 Philips screws. Plug the map lights back in and look at LED polarity and mark it. Trust me it can make things a lot easier. Put the pocket screw driver through the light and push on the lens from the inside to push it out. Making use of the pliers gently grab the 194 bulb and pull it out. Install the marked LED. Turn the light on and it should light. If it does not light you may perhaps ought to change the polarity, using the pocket screw driver you can push out the led from inside the housing comparable to pushing the lens, just push the bulb out. And also you may have to bend the metal contact tabs to make good contact with the LED. Check the fitment and play with it. Finally they will work. After they work reinstall the lens by pushing it back. Maybe use some super glue if your lens does not stay. Reassemble the map lights and overhead console. Reinstall.
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